Why Go for GreatCall

greatcall 3Old folks want to get a lot from life and most of the time; their loved ones are hesitant to let them experience that because of the risks that their age and physical status pose. This is the reason why most of them are stuck at home or in home care facilities. However, there will still be some who want to be with their loved ones at home. These people stick to the traditional way of monitoring their activities through traditional in-home units. However, this will not give old folks the liberty to engage in more diverse activities. The great news is that there’s a new medical alert system that they can use to add more mobility and security for their loved ones – the new Greatcall Splash system. Here are a few things to know about this amazing product.

  • The equipment is a wonderfully made device.

This is very easy to set up. It comes with a GPS unit that has a drop-in charger that is to be directly plugged into the wall. It is reasonably sized at 1.7 inches by 0.7 inches by 2.9 inches. The best thing about it is that there are no cords to mess with. Plus, this also has a fall detection feature and needs only to be charged at night to make sure they work the whole day.

  • Setting up can be done in a breeze.

This unit just has to be plugged into the wall and that’s it. It uses a cellular network to provide a 5-star protection in emergencies.

  • The services that this unit provides are absolutely amazing.

They have a fall detection feature plus a 24/7 service called Urgent care. This provides you 24/7 access to registered nurses and board certified doctors in your area. You can use this for emergency situations and intrusions as well. Just push the emergency push button and you’ll be guaranteed that help is on the way.

  • Additional services are also available for your convenience.

It has different applications like MedCoach, Wellness Calls, My Calendar and more. You can find more details about these applications on the website. o Of course, this equipment is made extremely affordable for everyone. You’d be amazed at how affordable this is compared to traditional medical alert systems. This company wants to give out all the help they can give to let everyone spend a lot of time with their loved ones. Check out GreatCall Splash review for more details.

Enjoy That Little Space of Medical Marijuana Acceptance

medical marijuanaIn the US, only more than twenty states have favored on marijuana legalization for its medical uses. There are still more than a half of fifty states that do not agree with the use of marijuana to put in legal form. It is a sort of rejoicing on the pro-marijuana users and sellers that there is that figure of places where marijuana is not totally prohibited. But the rejoicing would not be completed because if you will really understand how medical marijuana was legalized, the Controlled Substances Act in 1970 of the US congress just placed marijuana under Schedule I level, which means that marijuana has not make its complete way to be beneficial in medical field.


Proponents of marijuana medicine then still pursue to defend and push the use of medical marijuana until each federal agency will be convinced that marijuana has a great benefit to health and it is effective and safe as treatment of serious conditions such as AIDS and cancer. Prominent medical institutions that are supporting the endeavors of these fellows have released peer-reviewed studies and research as a proof that medical marijuana can treat major diseases like epilepsy, glaucoma and severe pains. While they have begun receiving acceptance from major institutions and the use of marijuana for medicinal purposes has reached its popularity, the journey is still long and the number of supporters needs to be increased more and more.


For the meantime, take this little space of acceptance from open states and agencies so you would be benefited from the medical good effects of marijuana. You can start by applying on a medical marijuana card online. This system was built because of anticipation about the shyness and guilt feeling of some who do not want to go to any marijuana dispensaries in their area. But if you have the card, you can simply order online for your health benefit and for your family as well.


If you are thinking where you will go once you browse the Internet, here is the link you can visit mmjrecs.com/. After you found the website, check the form that you will fill in so you can apply for medical marijuana card online. Do not worry about your profile. Rest assured that the manufacturer is a law abiding agency and know the rules and regulations about purchasing through cards. Your personal information will be kept and you are away from any fraud incident.

Why Purchasing Medical Marijuana Is Still Frowned Upon

marijuanaThe controversy surrounding the legality of marijuana for medical use is still at an all-time high. There are still a lot of people who don’t trust the claims as well as proofs of research that marijuana is able to ease symptoms of numerous diseases. This dejection of the idea is not surprising since most of the people who are advocating for the legalization of medical marijuana are people who are too eager to use it for recreational purposes. Ideally, patients who are in need of marijuana for treatment should be the face of this movement. Unfortunately however, the loudest advocates are those who want to use it for irresponsible reasons. It’s frustrating for people with legitimate need of medical marijuana since they are having a hard time obtaining medical marijuana card online as well as in person. This also puts them in judgmental eyes whenever they purchase their medical marijuana from dispensaries.


The negative stigma of the majority can only be changed if the face of medical marijuana legalization is ones suffering from diseases such as Alzheimer’s, glaucoma and other diseases. Although studies on medical marijuana doesn’t directly indicate that it cures the disease altogether, there is compelling evidence that it slows the progression. This can slow down the progress of the disease that those who have it may even enjoy a full life without having to experience the worst episodes of Alzheimer’s. The THC content in medical marijuana can block the enzymes that build up plaques which are responsible for killing off brain cells. With the right amount of dosage, these enzymes can be shut down for a long time.


On the other hand, medical marijuana can also reduce episodes of epileptic seizures. And it’s calming effect, which most abusers are seeking, makes it the primary reason why it can suppress epileptic seizures. It doesn’t cure it altogether, but anyone who knows what it feels like to have episodes of seizures will definitely find this news welcoming.


Today’s society still has a widespread bias against medical marijuana. And that’s why there are holders of medical marijuana card who prefer to buy their supplies from the internet. There are some websites that are able to provide high quality medical marijuana. Check out the internet and search the first page of the result. Click each website and check if this site helps you buy medical marijuana online at a convenient method.